This Guatemalan decaf will surprise you with its smooth, balanced chocolate and nutty tones with a sweet apple acitidy. It can be enjoyed in any brew method with or without milk.


This coffee beans have been through CO2 decaffeination Process - Natural carbon dioxide (which comes from prehistoric underground lakes) is combined with water to create ‘sub-critical’ conditions which creates a highly solvent substance for caffeine in coffee. It is a gentle, natural and organically certified process and the good caffeine selectivity of the carbon dioxide guarantees a high retention level of othercoffee components which contribute to taste and aroma


Suitable for:

Espresso, Filter (V60, Kalita, etc), Aeropress, cafetiere, stovetop


Decaf - Guatemala


Tasting notes: Apple, Hazelnut, Chocolate


Farm: Las Terrazaas
Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango
Country: Guatemala
Altitude: 1750-2100 MASL
Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Pache
Decaffeination Processing: CO2 



Espresso: 1:2 coffee to water, extracted in 28-32 secs
Filter: 60-65g coffee per litre of water, brewed for 3-4 mins


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