a Cupful of



Our menu is similar to what you would expect to get in a specialty coffee shop.

Espresso based beverages, premium 40% hot chocolate, a selection of organic teas, Chai latte and flavoured syrup



We have put a lot of thought in choosing the right coffees and roast profile for the coffee we use in our event services. Our aim is to achieve balance, body and sweetness to our coffees that will impress any coffee connoisseur and create memorable experiences for everyone who enjoys it.


a wealth of CHOICES

A coffee shop of options at your disposal.

Along with Dairy Milk we offer a range of market leading Milk Alternatives from Oatly and Alpro.

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, even Chai, Matcha and Turmeric Lattes are on offer, and Yes we do have Decaf as well.


We offer a selection of Organic Teas while our 100% Natural Single Origin Hot Chocolate comes from a small town in the Dominican Republic and it contains no less than 40% of the purest quality cocoa solids and no vegetable oils. 


Thoughtful choiceS

We always aim to use the most sustainable solutions possible. We use biodegradable paper cups, lids and sleeves, while we pack our event coffee in 3Kg bags to reduce packaging.



We have partnered with an award winning West London based bakery to provide our  make proper buttery Croissants, Pain aux Raisins, Almond Croissants and many more. We can work with you to decide on the best selection of pastries, cookies, doughnuts and many other for your event.