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Brand ActivatiONs

Create excitement about your event with a coffee service that will showcase your product and leave a lasting impression

Our Pour-over service offers a range of fine coffees for your guests, it provides for a lasting impression for your guests while offers a simpler, noise free coffee solution

Media Days

Enhance your event by providing high quality espresso prepared on state of the art equipment by our experience baristas with one of our fully equipped coffee bars, customisable with your logo.

Our coffee equipment can be used just about anywhere and set up takes no time. The electricity requirements are purposely low in order to keep your expenses low at the venue and we also include water and waste management .


Lets transform a cup of coffee into an engaging platform



  • Experienced baristas

  • Coffee – specialty grade 

  • Premium Decaf Coffee

  • Rich Hot Chocolate

  • Spiced Chai latte

  • Organic Tea Selection

  • Biodegradable Take Away Cups and Lids (branding options available)

  • Organic Milk and Dairy Free Alternatives

  • Sugars and Sweeteners

  • Water and Waste management

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