The owner of this farm, Esmerita, walks every day with her husband the 45-50 minute journey up to her farm to pick ripened coffee cherries, relying on her mule to carry the coffee down the mountainside.


As well as growing local varieties such as Red Caturra & Bourbon, Esmerita is fortunate to also produce a small amount of Geisha on her farm. This was after Esmerita received a selection of seeds from a passing traveller who, without explaining the variety, told Esmerita the seeds would produce excellent quality coffee.


Esmerita has decided to name her farm Esperanza, translating as ‘hope’ after planting these mystery seeds. The resulting coffee is clean and sweet, like ripe nectarine and honey, we're really happy to have this Peruvian coffee in our offering.


    Suitable for:

    Filter (V60, Kalita, etc), Aeropress, cold brew, cafetiere, stovetop

      PERU - La Esperanza